Terms & Conditions

A business needing an honest connection with the customer must be subject to the requirements. At Allegiantarfly.com, a renowned travel service company, we provide our clients with unique requirements for deeper understanding. The website terms and conditions explain what you can and cannot do on our website. If the user continues to respect any part of the terms of the website, the user must avoid using the website immediately. The user is nevertheless presumed to agree with the website's terms and conditions when anyone visits the site.

Agreement to our terms

These Terms and Conditions shall constitute a legitimately binding arrangement between you and us on your use and use of Allegiantarfly and all other types of media, media, mobile website or mobile application, linked to Allegiantarfly and related links or other related to it either directly or on behalf of an individual.

By visiting this page, you consent to be bound by these terms and conditions, be understood, and be bound. You are expressly banned from accessing the platform if you do not comply with any of the Terms and Conditions, and you must immediately discontinue use.

Terms and Conditions modulation

Owing to the dynamic travel industry, we regularly and without warning, our clients need to change our criteria. The customer shall only review the terms and conditions as the company shall not be liable to notify the client of the changes. And we hope you read these updated terms carefully when you visit our website while ordering our store's goods.

Intellectual property rights

This platform is owned by us and authorized by us, except where otherwise stated. The copyright and marking protection of the websites and all other trademarks, service signs, and logos included therein shall extend, alongside the whole platform source code, archive, functionality, applications, site design, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphs.

Web sites of the third party

Links to other Web pages, records, photos, text, images, styles, music, sound, video, material, applications, software, and other contents or articles from or from third-party sources can be published on this website as well.

We are not liable for any third-party websites that can access or be installed from this domain, including information, detail, views, quality, privacy policy, or the accuracy of such third-party websites. Different third-party links are available on and to the client on our website. We do not distribute the goods and services in any situation. The customer must read the terms and conditions of their website before viewing the products and services we sell.

Product price and payment

In line with market demand and supply in the travel and tourist sectors, we monitor the prices of our goods on our web site. In compliance with airline requirements and accessibility, we are even allowed to change aviation costs. Before you buy the goods, you can always check the pricing, and we don't have to note any adjustments to the costs.

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