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Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, has a classic town decorated with houses from the XVIII and XIX periods, panoramic views over the Susquehanna River, and a holiday worth doing. You could enjoy a day visiting the centrepiece of the town and the State Government artistic side with artwork all over the area in the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex. To visit Harrisburg, get in touch with Allegiant Airlines reservations or visit the Allegiant airlines official site.

Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex

The unique Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex is one of the best things to do while visiting Harrisburg's state capital. The capital building is one of the most remarkable and characteristic structures in the United States in Harrisburg. A 1/3 scale Renaissance version of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome is located at the dome of this National Historic Monument. Your Capitol Tour is charmed by over 475 rooms and four stages illuminated by artwork, statues, murals, and a sweeping staircase in the central rotunda of Paris Opera House modeled after one.

The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Visit One of the fascinating items on your journey to Harrisburg is the State Museum because, from the birth of the world and the dinosaur to the present day, it traces the history of Pennsylvania and displays exhibitions on native Americans, science, civil war, and the economy, as well as the wildlife of the State.

Fort Hunter Mansion and Park

A tour through history and a beautiful 40-acre park on the Susquehanna River banks will take you to the Fort Hunter Mansion and park. When walking yourself, it is better to go on a guided tour as more guidance is available. You can pass around the Victorian mansion and see what the wealthy Americans visited in 1725.

City Island

Play at the City Island Complex, at least one day in Harrisburg. It is a park in the center of the Susquehanna River that is a 63-acre island. At the time of the Civil War, Union soldiers used the island as a resting point to defend the city against the Confederate Army before they crossed the water. Archaeologists have shown that the island was occupied much earlier, as shown by items excavated during the early days of occupation by the Susquehannock and Iroquois.

Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts

A trip to the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts would provide you with a unique hands-on experience. There are three floors of shows and activities ranging from science and films to live dance, music, and theatre performances. Even an art museum and children's play areas are situated. A four-story cinema projection running Hollywood movies features a variety of highlights; experiments in the revolution! A flying paper airplane display, a cycle race to fight off calories in the fitness carnival, and a live appearance at the Sunoco Performance Theater.

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